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    Time flys by as the days go by


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    Time flys by as the days go by

    Post by driftingaway on Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:12 pm


    Just thinking about time and how it increases over time or atleast thats what I thought. Seems like just yesterday it was 2000. and now its 2015 before you know it, its going to be 2020, crazy when you think about it.

    Now to evaluate our accomplishments, how are we doing in life? and where can we improve?

    I think the key is learning, and when you stop learning, you stop thinking. Maybe why they have most of the population addicted to watching tv for hours on end, instead of talking to other people out there. Take a look at most forums, if its not some big name, usually not that poppin'.

    let me introduce myself because I did not do so at the beginning of my post, imy name is Vince and I am a business major, activist, entrepreneur.

    I think we should all set some goals, write them down, maybe post it on a note pad and stick it on your wall where you can see it, and take a good look at it, and think about it and how you can achieve it. This is necessary in order to turn your dreams into reality, and if you slack, time will pass you by and you will be lagged.

    Lets use our time wisely, I will post some more stuff later. people if you are reading this, why not sign up? use this as a platform for your mind, it can be very useful.
    and it would be nice to hear what others have to say. Can post your name, hobbys ect, whatever you want to talk about, where you are from, I am from the USA by the way.

    Alrite see ya later  Wink

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